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Welcome to Esmeralda Turquoise Company!

Home of the Famous
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Blue Boy Mine
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As miners and gemstone artists for over 20 years, we are excited to bring you this new portal to our beautiful turquoise and variscite gemstones and their relatives. We have dedicated our lives to bringing the beauty of the earth to you. Pure, natural gemstones, straight from the source, carefully mined, and expertly cut! When you work with or wear one of our stones we hope you are reminded of the amazing miracles of nature that create beauty around us.  We are pleased to share our turquoise with you…to inspire you and your creations…

In addition to our own high standards, Richard Shull, G.G. is a Graduate Gemologist and a firm member of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) which promotes ethical business practices and disclosure of all gem treatments, so you can have confidence that our natural gems are mined, cut, and polished with care and in an ethical manner and are always exactly what they are presented to be.

As you'll see, we are in the process of building this site, so please continue to check back for new features that we will be adding soon. You can always find  cut stones and rough available through our ETSY and EBAY stores, and to see more, follow us on Facebook!

We look forward to supplying you with our beautiful, natural gems!

Helen and Richard Shull, G.G.

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